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Science Time With NWChem

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Science Hour with NWChem

Science Hour with NWChem is an hour that is set aside every other week with a focus on science and scientific ideas.

The meeting is optional and will be very informal and facilitate discussion and idea sharing. It can consist of presentations (allowing postdocs to practice talks, any of us to present work, could even be a forum to bring in external collaborators or scientists we would like to bring in for a seminar), and can be centered around a scientific topic that one of us wants to discuss, which could be anything relevant…preparing for a proposal call, an interesting paper, bouncing of a concept or idea. We can also use this to bring in someone external to give a talk.

If you want to discuss a topic, or want to talk about some of your research, or practice a talk, send me (Bert) an email and I'll add it to the calendar. Please feel free to invite others that may be interested!!!

To start the series of the first 4 gatherings will have a speaker who will have at most 30 minutes.

  • April 3: Eric Bylaska will be talking about "Parallel in time" in preparation for ACS
  • April 17: Ken Lopata will be talking about "Real-time TDDFT"
  • May 1: Kiran Bhaskaran Nair will be talking about "Multiconfigurational coupled cluster"
  • May 15: Samuel Odoh will be talking about "Actinides"
  • May 29: TDB

Ideas for topics:

  • Dave Cowley on EMSLHub and myEMSL
  • Bert de Jong on CML in NWChem
  • ...