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NWChem's corner Topics Replies Last Post
Any kind of feedback: positive, negative, neutral, etc ... For example: I have tried ten times to download the tarball file for NWChem 6.5 and the download never completed in full
39 81
Oct 25th 11:29 am
General Topics
General topics related to NWChem
646 1328
Nov 9th 8:17 am
Questions related to QM/MM calculations
125 189
Oct 29th 9:11 am
Compiling NWChem
Topics related to compiling NWChem from source
381 1646
Nov 12th 9:53 am
Running NWChem
Topics related to running NWChem
866 2191
Nov 20th 12:52 pm
NWChem functionality
Topics related to current and future functionality of NWChem
278 534
Nov 20th 12:31 pm

BSE: Basis Set Exchange Topics Replies Last Post
General BSE Topics
54 115
Nov 1st 8:05 am

ECCE: Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment Topics Replies Last Post
General ECCE Topics
75 277
Apr 3rd 8:27 am

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