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Mass-weighted nuclear hessian units
Started By : Fern954
1 2297 May 9th 8:35 am
NWChem functionality
Implementation of PBE0 functional in NWCHEM
Started By : Guillaume
5 3636 Aug 19th 11:53 am
NWChem functionality
Error in ANO-RCC Mg and Al
Started By : Jellby
5 2526 Jul 1st 1:19 am
General BSE Topics
Periodic systems
Started By : JimW
5 4830 Jun 14th 12:25 pm
NWChem functionality
Could NWCHEM carry out energy decomposition analysis like SAPT?
Started By : Lmyiop
3 3104 Jun 14th 12:23 pm
General Topics

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