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This is undoubtedly an OpenGL related issue. You can just invoke "ebuilder" rather than "ecce" to start the builder directly while trying to resolve this issue.

Most likely you installed the 64-bit distribution of ECCE, so my comments are dependent on that. For 64-bit, ECCE does not distribute OpenGL libraries like we do for 32-bit ECCE. So you need to have OpenGL installed already on your system. The "prerequisite software check" that is option #2 from the ECCE install script menu, the very last check it does is whether you have these libraries. You can re-run the installation just to do the prerequisite check option and then do a ctrl-C exit from the install script after the check rather than doing an actual install. It could also be that you have the libraries, but they aren't in a location where they are found by ECCE. That's not too likely, but if the prerequisite check finds them and my next recommendation doesn't, that's what is happening.

The next debugging recommendation is to edit the ebuilder script in $ECCE_HOME/scripts and temporarily add an "ldd ./builder" command just before the very last line that invokes the builder. Then run ebuilder again and see if it finds and (you'll see a lot of libraries scroll by from the ldd output so they will be somewhere in there). If not, you'll need to install those.

Assuming the libraries are missing from both the prerequisite check and running ebuilder, the package names you'll need to install are mesa-libGL and mesa-libGLU using the "yum install" command. If you haven't used "yum" before or don't have root/sudo permission on your cluster then you'll need to get your system administrator to do the install. It's possible you have libGL, but not libGLU (I've seen this on my own RHEL5 workstation). In that case of course you only need the mesa-libGLU package. Those packages will install to standard locations where ECCE should be able to find the libraries as soon as you install them. If you think you might ever build ECCE from source code, then you might as well install the development version of those packages instead: mesa-libGL-devel and mesa-libGLU-devel. That installs the header files as well as the OpenGL shared libraries need to compile ECCE.

Finally, the fallback for any platform type issue with running ECCE such as missing shared libraries is to build ECCE from the source code distribution. The build process is more rigourous in terms of checking for required packages and the software will fail to build if everything is not present. The good thing about this will be that it will be more obvious what is missing vs. running the ECCE binary distributions where it is an all-or-nothing proposition typically unless you are adept at troubleshooting as I tried to lead you through above. Building ECCE is not overly difficult given the build_ecce script and documentation included with the source code distribution.

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