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Have you successfully run a previous version (before 6.3) of the ECCE Builder? If you have the GL test application glxgears on your system, I'd try running that. It should be in /usr/bin if you have it. That would tell you whether it's an ECCE-related issue or a generic OpenGL issue you are having. You can do an "ldd /usr/bin/glxgears" to make sure it is using the exact same GL libraries as ECCE.

Do you get any terminal output at all from running ebuilder (when the ldd command isn't there)? Does it give a "Segmentation fault" message or anything? Edit the ebuilder script again, duplicate the last line that invokes builder, comment out one of the duplicate lines with a "#" sign, and then modify the other by removing removing the first "|&" and everything after it (that logic is used to filter out some annoying warnings that normally don't indicate an actual problem). Send me the output from that.

I do agree that building from source code is a reasonable next step. Another option is trying to get the 32-bit distribution of ECCE working on your 64-bit cluster. While doing all the source code packaging for the ECCE 6.3 release I did see that there are 64-bit vs. 32-bit OpenGL issues so I wouldn't be surprised if the 32-bit distribution worked. More than likely you already have the necessary 32-bit compatibility libraries on your system (definitely you do if you ran ECCE prior to 6.3 on this cluster). The most likely ones you don't have would again be the GL libraries. But, you can install those with yum (package names are mesa-libGL.i386 and mesa-libGLU.i386). The only thing you lose by going with a 32-bit distribution is a bit of speed perhaps in some areas like Viewer MO calculations. Finally, if you try the 32-bit distribution and it doesn't work for you, you can modify the $ECCE_HOME/siteconfig/site_runtime file to specify that the OpenGL libraries shipped with ECCE be used instead of the local one you installed (search for "MESA" in site_runtime and comment out the two lines setting the related variables).


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