ECCE 6.3 apps won't start

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Hi Mike,

I went ahead and created a new ECCE 64-bit distribution in our normal download area that bunldes the Mesa OpenGL 64-bit libraries used on my RHEL 5.8 build. It would be great if you could try out that version to see if it also fixes your problem like the 32-bit ECCE distribution does.

You'll need to make one minor change though in order for ECCE to use those bundled libraries instead of your /usr/lib64 ones. After installing the new download and before starting ebuilder or ecce, edit the $ECCE_HOME/siteconfig/site_runtime file. Search for "ECCE_MESA_EXCEPT" and comment that line out by adding a "#" sign in the first column. Then try starting ebuilder and let me know if it works for you. Of course I wouldn't remove the 32-bit install of ECCE right away since that one is known to work.


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