ECCE 6.3 apps won't start

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Hi Mike,

If you can't get the latest 64-bit ECCE binary distribution to work I think it's finally time to try to build ECCE from the source code distribution on your cluster. I'm pretty certain that will resolve your issue because it will insure consistency between all the libraries that are used. I'm not at all sure though whether it will fix your X-win32 issue. Do let me know though how it goes with trying the latest ECCE 64-bit distribution. You can also just install and try the standalone builder distribution since I updated tha as well and the OpenGL problems you are having will show up in the builder alone. If it doesn't work for you I'm going to remove all the Mesa OpenGL libraries I'm currently packaging with the binary distribution because I know they won't work for others either. Finally, don't forget when you install the latest ECCE distribution to edit the $ECCE_HOME/siteconfig/site_runtime file and comment out the ECCE_MESA_EXCEPT setting. Otherwise it will fall back to using the your local OpenGL libraries rather than the ones bundled with ECCE.

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