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Hi Mike,

I keep forgetting to bring this up... Another no-cost option you have for getting ECCE to display to a Windows PC is to install VirtualBox (I personally prefer it to VMware although that would work as well), install your choice of Linux in a virtual machine, and then just ssh back to your Linux box using the VirtualBox/Linux for it's remote X windows display capability. I just tried this with an OpenSUSE Linux virtual machine I happened to have running. No issues at all with remotely displaying the ECCE Builder/Viewer as well as the rest of ECCE. I did need to do an "ssh -X" to enable ssh port forwarding, but other than that, couldn't have been simpler.

Finally, this option would also allow users to run ECCE locally on the VM if that is preferred. They could easily access a single ECCE server so only the application software would need to be installed under the VM. So that's a lot more flexibility than X-Win32 offers and all for free.

I understand though that since you've already paid for X-Win32, you'd like to have them fix their issue. So maybe this could be an interim solution for you. I would take this approach myself rather than Cygwin for instance. I just didn't think of it originally when you started talking about X Window Servers for PCs since that's what we used as well (e.g. Hummingbird Exceed/3D) before VM technology took over in the past few years.


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