memory problem in parallel running "ARMCI DASSERT fail"

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I am not surprised that your CCSDT/CCSDTQ jobs are not running (or perhaps not scaling properly).
Please look at your tilesizes you are using. For unoccupied orbitals the max. tilesize is 35 which poses a huge demand on the local memory requirement and additionally provide really poor granularity.

For the CCSDT part the local memory demand is proportional to tilesize^6, so please set for the CCSDT the tilesize parameter equal to 15.

For the CCSDTQ part the local memory demand is proportional to tilesize^8, so be even more conservative with the tilesize in these runs. I guess tilesize 8 shoule be fine.

Please also modify the memory settigns. Something like this should work
memory heap 100 mb stack 1200 mb global 2500 mb


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