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Quote:Deepak1032 Jan 7th 5:21 pm
Dear Mr. Shmakov,
Thanks for the reply.
I am using 32 bit OS.
Is there any Nwchem binary working on 32 bit OS?

As far as i know NWChem binary have only for 64 bitess version.

Quote:Deepak1032 Jan 7th 5:21 pm

Is it that there is some other way to install the Nwchem binary?

I hereby request you to kindly let me know with regard to the above.

Thanks and regards

If you will run 32 bitness version on 64 bit OS, you need only instal some library. For 64to32 i don't know.

Maybe you will trying compiling NWChem from source?

With best wishes.

Shmakov I. A.

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