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I recently installed ECCE onto a linux box running 64-bit Fedora 18.
WHen I tried to run ECCE I get the error message:
Failed to load module: /usr/lib64/gio/modules/
However, the logon screen pops up and I can gain access to the ECCE menu bar.

I receive core dumps in addition to the failure to load message for everything but the periodic table. In that instance I still get the warning message but the periodic table does pop up.

I could only find one reference to this library when searching posts - the recommendation was for a UBUNTU box and to remove the appmenu-gtk package. I use yum, so the yum remove command came back that this package was not installed.

The only thing I can add to this is that there are no rpms for gtk+-2.0. I have gtk+ v1.2.x. I suppose this might be the root cause, but without access to a 2.0 version of gtk+, it seems I am dead in the water.

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