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I'd recommend building ECCE from source code. It's really not that hard, but of course you'll need the right underlying packages first. I believe the package name for Fedora is gtk2-devel and not gtk+-2.0. If you download a source code distribution, look at the README file in the build subdirectory after you extract the distribution. Those are the instructions for building ECCE from source code. If you search for Fedora in that file you'll see that it was the one platform where ECCE wouldn't build properly. But that was for Fedora 16 and maybe that problem has been resolved. It actually wasn't an ECCE build problem, but a problem with installing the gtk2 development package. If that can't be done successfully then there is no way to build ECCE, nor run it from a binary distribution. ECCE is definitely dependent on the more recent GTK 2.0 (which is many years old) because that's what the wxWidgets C++ GUI library ECCE uses for all applications needs. So you can't get away with running an older GTK 1.2 with ECCE. I'm definitely interested in whether you can get it to work on Fedora so I can update the documentation, but we don't have funding to get it to work for you. When ECCE was released as open source this past fall, Fedora unfortunately was the one version of Linux where it wasn't building.

If you really want to try further with the ECCE binary distribution it does seem like the crux of your issue is installing the gtk2 package as well. It shouldn't need to be the development version for the binary distribution, but you will need to find/install the right runtime gtk2 package before you'd be able to run ECCE. It's certainly possible/likely that the ECCE check for gtk+-2.0 in the install script isn't right on all platforms so I wouldn't put too much stock in that. The fallback of course for not being able to install the a gtk2 package is to build gtk2 itself from source code. Another approach depending upon where you are in your evaluation/use of ECCE is to install VirtualBox on your Fedora machine and then install another Linux (I recommend Debian) within that where you would install and run ECCE.


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