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In order to make the open source release of ECCE we were required by our IP staff at our lab to remove the encryption capability from ECCE. This is what let ECCE previously "remember" passwords between invocations. Plus, what is now prompted for when logging in is the ECCE data server password where it used to be the encryption key. ECCE has some logic requiring data server passwords to be 6 characters minimum to avoid weak passwords. But, it's only the GUI that enforces that. You can use the "ecce_htpasswd" utility in the server/ecce-admin directory to set it to anything you'd like. I tried an empty password by just hitting return when prompted for the new password from this utility. This "sort of" worked with ECCE. But, it takes hitting return twice when first logging into ECCE and then when you bring up the Organizer it will bring up the password prompt dialog one more time so you have to hit return 3 times total to be logged in. If you just set it to a single character though, you only have to enter it once for the initial login. So, that's my suggested workaround at the moment.

I may or may not have time to see if I can get it to work more smoothly with an empty password. Of course the best policy would be for it to always try an empty password and not prompt at all if it worked, but even if it just brings up the prompt dialog and you hit return once that would be reasonable in my opinion--can't get too annoyned by one extra key press per ECCE invocation. I do agree though it's a pain to have to remember and enter a 6+ character password when there is no one else sharing the ECCE installation so my workaround at least simplifies that down to 2 key presses per invocation (single character password and the return key).

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