Problem in import calc from NWChem/ECCE output file

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ECCE and nwchem are two separate programs that do very different things, so you will need to provide some more detail as to what is going wrong.

If I understand you correctly you can submit jobs in ECCE. The jobs first go into the 'submitted' state, then enter into the 'Running' state. However, even though the nwchem job completes on the computational node and stops, ECCE still lists the job as running. Is this correct?

What happens if you go to Run Mgmt/Reconnect Job Monitoring?

What is your set-up like? Are you using a queue manager? Are you running the jobs on the same computer as ECCE or on a networked node? If so, what's your setup? Try setting

in your /apps/siteconfig/RemoteServer/site_runtime file

If ECCE starts without problems it is unlikely that you should need to compile your own version of it.

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