Nwchem-dev.revision26704-src.2015-01-19 compilation fails with gfortran-5.0.0

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the root cause of the problem is that the ar command currently shipped with Fedora Rawhide is busted (GNU ar version 2.25-6.fc23)
Please try the following

ar tv $NWCHEM_TOP/lib/LINUX64/libddscf.a

This will show you all the object with the Unix epoch timestamp. (Dec 31 16:00 1969)

If you replace ar 2.25-6.fc23 with -- for example -- with ar 2.25-6.fc23 from binutils-x86_64-linux-gnu.x86_64, the compilation works fine again.

It might be time for a bug report, right?

Cheers, Edo

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