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I am trying to get the interaction-potential (hydrogen bond) between 2 monomers using DFT with BSSE correction.
For the above purpose I have designed the following code:
title 'bond_energy'
start dimer
geometry units angstrom
  #symmetry c1
  N 2.739 24.753 58.631
  H 2.603 25.170 59.371
  O 2.533 26.305 61.093
  C 2.375 27.069 62.059
basis "ao basis"
  N library 6-31g
  H library 6-31g
  O library 6-31g
  C library 6-31g
  bqN library N 6-31g
  bqH library H 6-31g
  bqO library O 6-31g
  bqC library C 6-31g
  xc m06-2x
  #convergence energy 1e-8
  iterations 6000
  mon first 1 2
  mon second 3 4
task dft energy

So, from this code I'm getting an energy value of -1.42 kcal/mol.
Now, subtracting the sum of isolated energies of monomers from the total-bsse-energy, I got this energy value of 0.00226 Hartree.
Will anyone please tell me is it the right way or i'm heading the wrong way... ??
please reply...
Thank you.
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