Imported python modules can't call nwchem functions

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My imported module functions can't reach the nwchem pythonic functions such as rtdb_get(), rtdb_put().

A direct call to rtdb_get() succeeds.
Python resolves the call to the module function seemingly correctly.
Once there, a call to rtdb_get() fails and returns an error message:

 File "/home/drhaney/horriblyArcanePath/", line 3, in get_tag
return rtdb_get(str)
NameError: global name 'rtdb_get' is not defined

A minimal example for this behavior follows.

A simple module, e.g., contains:
### python module ###
def get_tag(str):
return rtdb_get(str)
### end module ###

The input file, simple.nw , starts normally:

start SimPyModImp
title "Simple Python Module Import"
geometry ; He 0.0 0.0 0.0 ; end
basis ; He library 6-31G* ; end

The python section contains:

python noprint
# add local directory to python path
import os, sys
import simple
# top level rtdb_get() works
print ("Title is [%s]" % (rtdb_get("title")))
# ...but the module func can't find rtdb_get().
print ("Title is [%s]" % (simple.get_tag("title")))
task scf energy
task python

All help is appreciated, especially since I feel like I just grabbed a bear by the tail.


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