Partial charge derivation for periodic crystal structure

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I am writing to you to seek some help. I am very new to NWChem and Quantum Calculation.

My primary target is using NWChem QM calculation to derive partial charges for Metal Organic-Framework (MOF) Crystal. The partial charges will be used in my MD or MC calculation.

I have managed to setup a input file to calculate a single molecule structure by using task scf to calculated the energy, followed by task esp to get partial charges.

However, I am having problems to generate partial charges for a periodic crystal structure.
I have three questions I want to ask you:

1. Does NWChem support space group symmetry? The documentation tells me it does not. But I searched on the internet and the development, NWChem looks like does support space group symmetry.
2. Can I use NWPW Tutorial 5 input file for my MOF crystal by just change the geometry part?
3. Does NWChem Electrostatic Potential (ESP) module support periodic crystal?

Thank you very much for your help.

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