COSMO-SMD Initialization (regarding solvent accessible surface area)

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1) I have run the QA test cases.

For the PhoWat_SMD_HF case, I still get:

G(SMD-CDS) energy (kcal/mol)  =     0.000
SMD-CDS SASA (angstrom**2) = 0.000

Whereas for the CH3OH2pWat_SMD_M062X case, I get the expected:

G(SMD-CDS) energy (kcal/mol)  =     3.326
SMD-CDS SASA (angstrom**2) = 90.615

I have uploaded the complete output files here:

2) Our NWCHEM installation, running on a Springdale Linux OS, uses the following modules:


Are there any other specific details regarding our software environment that would help troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks for your help,

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