total dft energy differs from partial energies

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that patch is new, right? also, i'm not sure, but in the COSMO part of the output i didn't attach originally is:
         Total DFT energy =    -1144.144378448133
      One electron energy =    -5654.477100400897
           Coulomb energy =     2607.095668751906
    Exchange-Corr. energy =     -156.929943044225
 Nuclear repulsion energy =     2058.598637126281

 Numeric. integr. density =      178.000323079243

     Total iterative time =     76.1s

                  COSMO solvation results

                 gas phase energy =     -1144.1300273697
                 sol phase energy =     -1144.1443784481
 (electrostatic) solvation energy =         0.0143510784 (    9.01 kcal/mol)

                       DFT Final Molecular Orbital Analysis

So I would assume that solvation energy is the solute-solvent interaction energy that you mentioned, isn't it? If so, than this energy is much smaller - only 0.01 Hartree, whereas the difference was bigger than 1 Hartree.
Of course, I'll apply the patch and try the calculation again.

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