Problem Starting ECCE in LnuxMint v-17.3

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"Now I have reported this problem on several occasions in the past, as evidenced to several of my earlier communications to this forum, without any replies"
You've recieved replies to every single post, and you have so far never continued the threads: (in which Will Everett compiles ECCE and it works)

The bottom line is that:
1. ECCE isn't actively maintained by PNNL anymore
2. If you want to get it to work you'll have to work together with other users to resolve problems (i.e. respond to other posts in the threads you start)
3. Most likely, all your issues will be solved by compiling ECCE yourself -- and that is likely the only thing that will work for recent linux releases

The only other solution I can think of is to install an older version of red hat/centos i.e. the version on which it was compiled by Gary. Given that you're running everything in a virtual machine I don't think this is an unreasonable solution.

Judging from the filename, install_ecce.v7.0.rhel5-gcc4.1.2-m64.csh, Gary used red hat 5. You can get CentOS 5, which should be compatible, from here:

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