Intel E5-2640v3 Haswell: No such instruction

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Hi Edoapra,

Quote:Edoapra Dec 8th 9:48 am
1) Your failure is likely due to your assembler (/usr/bin/as) not being in sync with the GNU compiler version 4.9; in other words, GNU 4.9 supports Haswell instructions, while as does not.
What is the output of the command
/usr/bin/as -v

Thank you for your insights. Your guess is spot on:

"as --version" gives:
GNU assembler version 20100205

i.e. it's the system's as (i.e. /usr/bin/as). Unfortunately, the compiles (which I pull in via the module system) do not provide their own assemblers (well, at least no as as binaries). Is there a way to have the assembly code pulled in as inline assembly via gcc/gfortran or do I actually have to compile my private gcc including as? Obviously, I would prefer the least invasive approach. Could I possibly rely on a non-optimized reference (i.e. non-ASM) implementation instead? I could give the Intel compilers a try. However, I am facing another issue there ...


2) please do not set FFLAGS,CFLAGS, FOPTIMIZE, COPTIMIZE since it is likely to lead to unexpected results

I am aware of this recommendation. I have added the FOPTIMIZE flag in the hope to avoid this problem as per a similar issue/post on the forum. As for FFLAGS, I tried to live up to the suggestions of Intel's mkl link line advisor. Which alternative way do you suggest to get the recommended compiler options passed on? Is there another environment variable to do the job?

Thank you for your help,

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