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I am a relative newcomer to nwchem, trying to use the qmd_analysis tool. I began by compiling qmd_analysis and then tried my hand at the sample input file which is part of the documentation (

The file is too large to paste here, but here is the the output from the command

qmd_analysis -xyz -steps 15000 -skip 5000 -ts 10.0 -temp 20.0 -smax 800 -width 10.0


 Input file:          
 Ouput files:                   SiCl4_VDOS.dat
 Number of steps to analyze:       15000
 Number of steps to be skipped:     5000
 Temperature:                      20.00 K
 Time step of simulation:          10.00 a.u.
 FWHM of resulting spectrum:       10.00 cm^{-1}

 Found            2  unique elements in trajectory file
 READ ERROR 1           2        5001

I have modified the $NWCHEM_TOP/contrib/qmd_tools/qmd_analysis.f90 file in accordance with the advice given in However, since this error is for a canonical example in the QMD documentation itself, I am confused about how to debug and repair it.

I would appreciate any advice or ideas!

Thanks in advance!

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