Compiling ECCE v7 on CentoOS 6.4

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After installing numerous packages as specified by the build_ecce script, the script failed during wxWidgets build.
"error: OpenGL libraries not available

The wxWidgets 'configure' command failed. The issue(s)
identified must be resolved before wxWidgets can be built."

Could this be related to another wxWidgets error report essentially stating that the libgl library has been moved to /usr/lib64 rather than /usr/lib. See

How would I remedy this sitation? (I have not been able to get the binary version to run. (This is CentOS 6.4 linux 2.6.32-432.el.x86_64 running in a VMWare Workstation 10.0 VM inside Windows 8.1 Pro.)

John Keller

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Success building ECCE-v7.0 on CentOS 6.4-x86_64
Followed the directions at Lidqvist's blog, substituting "7.0" for "6.4":

This worked best on a standalone server, but also compiled smoothly on a CentOS 6.4 VM in Windows 8.

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Thanks for sharing your solution.

I can confirm that it works with ecce-7.0 on centos 6.4 in a 64 bit VM:

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