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I am running into a problem retrieving information from the RTDB. I put an array of doubles in from c and am trying to pull the same array out in fortran and I keep getting a type mismatch:

rtdb_seq_get: type mismatch "prop:xyz" in ./sample.db: arg=1013, db=1004

I see from macommon that the problem is that the data in the rtdb is a MT_C_DBL and we're trying to store that in an MT_F_DBL. Is there something special I should be doing when I run rtdb_put?

For background, I am trying to get the electric field at a particular point via hnd_elfmap. the code to put the point in the rtdb looks like:

double point[3];

Not sure what to do here (or whether this is an appropriate forum for this kind of question).

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