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NWCHEM_TOP discrepancy
I see from your link command that
while your output file shows
(you can spot this from the line
source = /opt/ZIP/nwchem-6.3/

One more indication that you have been not running the NWChem binary that you have just created is the output line

program = /nfs/app1/centos6.3/gnu/apps/NWChem/bin/nwchem

The line should read, instead

program = /opt/ZIP/nwchem-6.3_gnu/bin/LINUX64/nwchem

You might want to have a look at the scripts/environment you use to run NWChem to be sure that you do use
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sorry for the delay.

Finally I could run successfully after compiling and running from the same location i.e. /nfs/app1/centos6.3/gnu/apps/NWChem

I read some where that once the binaries are compiled, I can move to my desired location and run from there, hence I was compiling from /opt/ZIP/nwchem-6.3_gnu/ however this method never worked for me.

Thanks for all the assistance provided to me for the troubleshooting.

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