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Dear NWChem community,

I am trying to do a MCSCF calculation and want to output the One- and Two-particle density matrices. When using the following input file it works, but also adds a lot of output that i don't need.
start h2-mcscf


title "HF H2"

print none

 *   library  def2-tzvp

geometry noautoz
 symmetry c2
 h   0  0  0
 h   0  0  1.0

task scf

title "MCSCF H2"

print debug

 active 12
 actelec 2
 multiplicity 1

task mcscf

Now when i try to use
print none "density matrix"
instead of
print debug
I think it should only output the One- and Two-particle density matrices, but it does not. It just produces the same output as obtained with
print none

How can i output only the One- and Two-particle density matrices?

Thank you


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