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How do i optimize the structure which is charge neutral but is in a radical form. I am trying to opimise the structure using DFT but m getting error related to convergence saying the energy is not converging.

How do i try to optimize these structures? I want to do partial charge calculations once I have optimized structure.



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NWChem requires a spin multiplicity statement, e.g.,

More details here:

DFT and others also permit a multiplicity statement, so SCF isn't the only way to do it.


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Thanx a lot, I will try it out.

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Plane wave calculation
Hello everyone,

  I need some help in running a plane wave DFT simulation. My molecule had lead and tin atoms. My question is how to start a GGA simulation and how to include the valence electrons of these atoms in my input script. Are the valence electrons included by default if my input script has them or I have to provide something additional in my input script.

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