ccCa fails on Na, Mg

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The ccCA composite method aborts because it can't find the aug-cc-pv(D+d)Z basis sets for Na and Mg, rightly so since there are none.

The ccCA requirement for tight-d orbital coefficients on 2nd Row elements didn't initially apply to Na and Mg so fallback from aug-cc-pv(D+d)z to aug-cc-pvDz for those elements was automatic in other implementations until revision was possible.

The authors of ccCa and aug-cc-pvXz basis sets (Wilson and Petersen, respectively) collaborated on suitable revisions for alkalis and alkali earths in this 2011 paper:

"Gaussian basis sets for use in correlated molecular calculations. VII. Valence and core-valence basis sets for Li, Na, Be, and Mg", Prascher, B.P.; Woon, D.E.; Peterson, K.A.; Dunning, Jr., T.H.; Wilson, A.K.; Theor. Chem. Acc. 2011, 128, 69.

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