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Hey, I am trying to get a density plot of a ZnSe crystal with the following input:

title "znse mo plot restart"

restart znse-mo-cubes

memory 8192 mb

permanent_dir /scratch/evan/perm_znse-dplot
scratch_dir /scratch/evan/scratch_znse-dplot

geometry units angstroms noautoz noautosym
 system crystal
lat_a 4.009
lat_b 4.009
lat_c 4.009
alpha 60
beta 60
gamma 60
Zn 0.0 0.0 0.0
Se 0.25 0.25 0.25

 ewald_rcut 3.0
ewald_ncut 8
cutoff 60
xc pbe96
mult 1
-3.0 3.0 10
-3.0 3.0 10
-3.0 3.0 10
task pspw energy
task pspw pspw_dplot

The calculation completes with no error, but there is no Gaussian cube file in the cd or in the permanent or scratch directories. I'm using version 6.6.
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I guess you should name your cube file in your input. You can revise your input file according to

As my experience, if you don't set the format of your gaussian file (cube or grid). You can get an file, which contains the electron density information, with no .cube.

Hope it make sense for you.


Just Got Here
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Yea that was the problem. Thanks.

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