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The Chemcraft's[1] developer team is evaluating the addition of Fukui Reactivity Rarameters from Nwchem output file, but he has some doubts about the example file "prop_h2o.out" I sent to him.

This is the message that Chemcraft's developers sent to me:

> The structure of this file is unclear for me.
> At lines 554 and 1439 the mulliken populations are printed, and
> they are quite different. Do they belong to different geometries or different computation methods?

> Chemcraft usually divides the output file into several sections
> corresponding to different computation jobs; in this file, the
> second "job" does not contain a section with atomic coordinates.

Could someone who understands about this issue contact with Prof. Grigoriy Andrienko at e-mail:

Best regards, A.G
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start h2o_fukui

title "Reactivity for H2O from HF-SCF optimized geometry"
charge 0

geometry units angstroms print xyz nocenter
  O     0.00000000     0.00000000    -0.09938506
H 0.75408596 0.00000000 0.47402192
H -0.75408596 0.00000000 0.47402192

 * library 6-31G*

task scf energy

charge 1
xc b3lyp
mult 2
print "Fukui information"

task dft energy

How can I get the atomic coordinates for "task dft energy" second job?
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