How to get the electronic coupling between two triplet state structures (energy transfer)

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I saw that it is possible to get the electronic coupling between systems by electron transfer. Yet, I am really interested in energy transfer. Is it possible? If so, could anyone put an example of input?

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If NWCHEM has not implemented this function, GAMESS has a high-quality method in this area, i.e., employing MCSCF to search a conical intersection point, while simultaneously incorporating the nonadiabatic coupling between two, perhaps more, electronic states; thus, based on it some new or historically well-informed phenomena, e.g., for its zwitterionic singlet excited states, why a twisted olefin holding two different biradical centers can exhibit "sudden polarization effect" might be understood.

I wish you give us a physical example for this.
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Perhaps I erroneously understood your question previously. NWCHEM definitely can provide the eletronic coupling term in Marcus equation.
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