Which keyword let qmmm freq.nw restart?

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Dear Edoapra
When I tested qmmm_freq.nw in the QA test in NWCHEM6.8, it exhibits
inu qmmm_input:
out of qmmm_input:
* NWChem QM/MM Interface Module *
* *
* ... *
QM/MM Interface Parameters
operation task:operation freq

* 0: Failed to open restart file 0

In fact, no geometry was provided. Thus, I wish to ask which keyword would let qmmm_freq.nw restart?

Thanks a lot!

Very Best Regards!
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Word restart appears here perhaps because no geometry is provided.
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Not sure how this QA test was run. The proper way is by using the runtests.mpi.unix command

./runtests.mpi.unix qmmm_freq
 Running tests/qmmm_freq/qmmm_freq 
     cleaning scratch
     copying input and verified output files
     running nwchem (/home/edo/park/nwchem-6.8.1/bin/LINUX64/nwchem)
15.1u 10.5s 0:12.80 200.4% (0t+0ds+0avg+41742max)k 18136i+851152o 79pf 0swaps
     verifying output ... OK

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