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Hi everyone,

I see the following line in NWchem examples:

modify atom 7:Na initial type Na final type K
modify atom 7:Na set 3 type K

Could anyone give me a detailed explanation on above two lines? Particularly on the meaning of "initial" and "final" and the "set" concept?

Thank you.


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Threads 12
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when we set the .nwchemrc file, we should define like follows:
amber_1 /some directory/amber_s
amber_2 /some directory/amber_q
amber_3 /some directory/amber_x

I think here "1" "2" and "3“ refer to the "set 1" "set 2" and "set 3". I guess, "initial" means "set 1" and "final" means "set 3", if the definitions are same as above.


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