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I'm getting a negative Reactants/Products overlap (S(RP)) when using the ET module, is something wrong? I thought the value by definition should be bewteen 0 and 1.

Thanks in advance for any insight

MO vectors for reactants: R.mos
MO vectors for products : P.mos

Electronic energy of reactants H(RR) -30696.8251621957
Electronic energy of products H(PP) -30696.7127244666

Reactants/Products overlap S(RP) : -4.74D-01

Reactants/Products interaction energy:
One-electron contribution H1(RP) 26035.5558979715

Beginning calculation of 2e contribution
Two-electron integral screening (tol2e) : 4.74D-08

Two-electron contribution H2(RP) -11476.5145339034
Total interaction energy H(RP) 14559.0413640681

Electron Transfer Coupling Energy |V(RP)| 0.0851283100
18683.502 cm-1
2.316460 eV
53.419 kcal/mol
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