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NWChem Frequently Asked Questions

General information about NWChem

Where is the User's Manual?

NWChem User's Manual

Where do I go for help with a GA problem?

If you have problems with GA, please visit the Global Arrays Google group at or visit the Global Arrays website at

Where do I go for help with NWChem problems?

Please post your NWChem issue to the NWChem Community forums at ===Where do I find the instructions for installing NWChem? For updated instructions for compiling NWChem please visit the following URL

Input Problems

I get the message: ! warning: processed input with no task. What is wrong?

Have you used emacs to create your input file? Emacs usually does not put and an end-of-line as a last character of the file, therefore the NWChem input parser ignores the last line of your input (the one containing the task directive).

To fix the problem, add one more blank line after the task line and your task directive will be executed.