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Choosing the Right ARMCI Library

The Global Arrays parallel environment relies upon a one-sided communication runtime system. There are at least three options currently available:

  • ARMCI - This is the original one-sided library developed with Global Arrays by PNNL. It supports the widest range of platforms. See for details.
  • ComEx - This library is being developed by PNNL to replace ARMCI. It supports the fewer platforms than ARMCI but may be more robust on modern ones like InfiniBand. See for details.
  • ARMCI-MPI - This library is a completely separate implementation of the ARMCI interface by Argonne and Intel. It uses the one-sided communication features of MPI, rather than a platform-specific conduit. It currents provides both MPI-2 and MPI-3 implementations; the MPI-3 one is supported by nearly all platforms. See for details.