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Software supporting NWChem

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(Programs prost-processing AIM files)
(Codes performing post-processing on NWChem wavefunctions)
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== Codes performing post-processing on NWChem wavefunctions ==
== Codes post-processing NWChem wavefunctions ==
* '''Fiesta''' is a Gaussian-basis GW and Bethe-Salpeter code
* '''Fiesta''' is a Gaussian-basis GW and Bethe-Salpeter code
* '''JANPA''' performs Natural Population Analysis
* '''JANPA''' performs Natural Population Analysis

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While we have done our best to compile an exhaustive list of software using NWChem, we might have missed packages and/or incorrectly described some software features. Please use this link to provide feedback on this page content.


User interface software

  1. No longer been actively developed
  2. The WebMo interface might not be compatible with NWChem 6.0 and later versions

Codes post-processing NWChem wavefunctions

Programs that can display cube and/or Molden files

The following programs can display cube files from charge density and ESP and/or use Molden files

Programs post-processing AIM files

NWChem can generate AIM wavefunction files (.wfn/.wfx) can be post-processed with a variety of codes, e.g.