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In ./src/vib/vib_wrtfreq.F,
truncated and rounded off constants are applied in
each loop iteration of the ZPE, thermal enthalpy and
energy calculation. The round-off error accumulation
reaches the milliHartree level for small molecules (e.g.,NH3)
is more than I'd like.

I suggest a modest correction.

According to NIST's CODATA 2011 docs
at ,
these constants are well-defined.

Speed of Light = 299792458 m/s = 2.99792458e+10 m/s
Planck's constant = 6.62606957e-34 J-sec = 6.62606957e-27 erg-sec
Boltzmann constant = 1.3806488e-23 J/K = 1.3806488e-16 erg-K
Ideal Gas Constant = 8.3144621 J/mol-K = 1.9872041 cal/mol-K

In the May 4 development version

lines 42,43 are:
     parameter (c=2.998e+10,h=6.626e-27,kgas=1.3807e-16)   ! cgs units
parameter (Rgas = 1.9863d0/1000.0d0/AUKCAL)  ! atomic units
They may be revised to read:
     parameter (c=2.99792458e+10,
& h=6.62606957e-27,
& kgas=1.3806488e-16)  ! cgs units
parameter (Rgas = 1.9872041d0/1000.0d0/AUKCAL)  ! atomic units

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