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Dear NWchem center

May I ask some help to build exchange functional?

if I want use wPBE as DFT part and set alpha=0.2, beta=0.7

can you please help me for that?
Best wishes,
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Hi Zilong,

I am not sure I completely understand your entire question. I'll try to answer it as clearly as possible.

>>if I want use wPBE as DFT part and set omega=0.160 bohr-1, alpha=0.2, beta=0.7, which following definition is correct?

You could try the following:
xc xwpbe 1.0 cpbe96 1.0 hfexch 1.00
cam 0.160 cam_alpha 0.20 cam_beta 0.70

Here, the long-range aymptotic behavior of the HF term would be 0.9 * HF. If you want to use a different coefficient for the xwpbe, then you can change the 1.0 next to it to the appropriate value.

>>I do not fully understand the meaning of the number, such as in (xwpbe 0.8) or (xwpbe 0.7 xpbe96 0.1)
The 0.8, 0.7 etc above correspond to the mixing coefficient of the exchange or correlation part of the functional

Hope this helps.


Just Got Here
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Hello, Niri, thanks so much for you message.
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