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I'm trying to calculate an ESP surface using NWChem. I am having a hard time reading the plt file written by task esp. I had assumed that this is a gOpenMol format file, however neither gOpenMol, VMD, or molekel will read this file.

The file is human readable, with this format:

     3      3
22 20 25
-0.42697E+01 0.62303E+01-0.38831E+01 0.56169E+01-0.51360E+01 0.68640E+01
 0.340044852884E-02  0.381225316441E-02
0.426078263990E-02 0.473955239880E-02
0.523648838835E-02 0.573289391650E-02
0.620373486530E-02 0.661995450468E-02
0.695262211765E-02 0.717749921059E-02
0.727827952570E-02 0.724789075773E-02
0.708865782040E-02 0.681220609970E-02
0.643882110382E-02 0.599525668875E-02
0.551078472812E-02 0.501272467896E-02
0.452314555797E-02 0.405757155766E-02
0.362538731672E-02 0.323111953778E-02
0.287588273479E-02 0.255861269983E-02
0.368739857524E-02 0.416211549822E-02
0.468598380889E-02 0.525313417182E-02
0.585042979465E-02 0.645540081392E-02
0.703595979636E-02 0.755342356919E-02
0.796884563512E-02 0.825011533849E-02

gOpenMol plt files are machine readable, so I have to assume that this is actually a different file format. Is there a program that is able to read NWChem plt files?


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Need to use Pltfile to convert to plt binary format
One step is needed to convert the human readable to machine readable,
that is to use the gOpenMol Pltfile converter.
In practice, you would need to follow the following steps

  1. rename filename.plt to filename.plt.txt
  2. start gOpenMol
  3. open the Run menu
  4. select the Pltfile (conversion) utility
  5. choose filename.plt.txt as input file name
  6. select Formatted ==> Unformatted
  7. ... I leave the rest to you

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