O3LYP and LC-wPBE give different results from G09

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Hi, I am using NWCHEM 6.1 to get a single point energies for Ni(CO)4. I am using a Huzinaga-Dunning DZP basis set. To check my definitions, I compared the single point energies with Gaussian 09. They give different results. For LC-omegaPBE, I am using the same definition as in NWCHEM documentaion. I used same basis sets, same convergence criterion and fine grid for NWCHEM calculations whereas ultra fine grid in G09. I made sure that the geometry and units are same for both programs. For other functionals that I compared, these conditions give similar single point energies in NWCHEM and G09 (within 0.5 kcal). Can someone point to if I am defining the following functionals correctly? (they seem right to me ).
I defined O3LYP and LC-omegaPBE functionals as follows:

xc xwpbe 1.00 cpbe96 1.0 hfexch 1.00
cam 0.3 cam_alpha 0.00 cam_beta 1.00
E(NWCHEM6.1) = -1961.195574745674
E(G09) = -1961.27046296

XC vwn_5 0.19 lyp 0.81 Hfexch 0.1161 slater 0.9262 OPTX 0.8133
E(NWCHEM6.1) = -1960.95894758
E(G09) = -1961.91519808

Gaussian used the following scaling constants for O3LYP:
ScaHFX= 0.116100
ScaDFX= 1.000000 (local, exchange) 0.813300 (non-local, exchange) 1.000000 (local, correlation) 0.810000 (nonlocal, correlation)
I think G09 also uses slater and vwn_5 local exchange end local correlation functionals. LYP treats some local correlation, rest of it is treated by vwn_5, so I am not sure why the scaling is 1.00 for local correlation part (VWN_5 ??) in G09

I would appreciate if somebody can help.



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Change of OPTX coefficient
Have a look at the following discussion from CCL

As a result of that discussion, you might want to use the following input line that uses a coefficient
of 1.164393477 (=0.8133*1.43169) for OPTX

XC vwn_5 0.19 lyp 0.81 Hfexch 0.1161 slater 0.9262 OPTX 1.164393477

Cheers, Edo
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Hi Beulashu,

For the lc-wpbe, can you try it with cam=0.4 ? From papers it looks like the G09 default is w = 0.4.


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Thanks for the suggestions. It has been ages since I got back to the question.

O3LYP worked but not LC-wPBE (with cam 0.4). My recent post on this is here: http://www.nwchem-sw.org/index.php/Special:AWCforum/st/id721/Are_these_definitions_correct...
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